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Hey look. I wonder if we should have a family outing to go see it.


Also, the Guillermo del Toro Haunted Mansion movie better come out FIRST, or I will raise an army of ghosts to march on Disney HQ.

I think marching on Disney HQ is pretty much warranted anyway at this point.


Un contresens absolu : Peter Pan avec des ailes !!!! Cartes postales de l’artiste Hilda T. Miller. Une curiosité charmante, mais assez insipide au fond. London C.W. Faulkner series 1923, 1822.

I’ve seen pictures of these, but this is the first time I’ve found artist info. European eBay sites have several listings, and they don’t seem too hard to find, so perhaps someday…


I love Peter Pan!  Man, i watched the Mary Martin musical version and the Disney version like a thousand times as a kid, and also read various versions of the text with little-kid intensity.  As an adult, some of the themes break my heart a little too much to even say.  Children are, after all, heartless by adult standards, yet we credit them with an innocent sweetness which this book challenged and championed at the same time, way back in the Victorian era!  These clearly show my debt to Mary Blair’s concept work for the Disney movie, but also have the slightest diversity which, frankly, can only help make up for the very iffy ‘Indians’ in the material.  Can’t quite figure out how to handle them in an illustration without being gross, so have mermaids with afros instead!

Buy your own prints of them here and here!









Alice Eve sayin’ it like it is

plot twist: carol marcus is putting on a front of being a weak female character the entire movie but at the very end she brutally murders jj abrams and resurrects gene roddenberry from a pool of abrams’ blood. the crowd is ecstatic.

list of female reboot characters who aren’t A) mother of a main character or B) shown in their underwear at least once:

  • ….
  • ………
  • ………….yeah I got nothin’

ANd a reminder that two of the four women in the Reboot aren’t even named within the script. So for those people who are casual fans have no idea that Winona is Winona or Amanda is Amanda.

Instead they are only known by their relationship to their sons and husbands.

Winona is George Kirk’s Sweetheart and Jim Kirk’s Mother

Amanda is Spock’s Mother, and his Father’s Whore.

Ain’t that swell?

#HOLY SHIT #that last comment #I have seen the movie multiple times and I didn’t even #I didn’t even notice that #I HAD TO GO THE TRANSCRIPT AND CTRL+F TO CHECK BECAUSE I ALMOST DIDN’T BELIEVE IT #they didn’t give AMANDA HER NAME #or Winona but they actually TOOK AMANDA’S NAME AWAY #and then KILLED HER #FUCK #FUCK THE WORLD #and they gave Uhura a first name but it was passed between male characters like an object #accidentally dropped by one and greedily picked up by the other #never given freely #EXCUSE ME I NEED TO GO PUNCH SOMETHING

I feel like there’s some really rageworthy meta potential here about how men’s names are important, but women’s names don’t matter at all (unless, as perceptively pointed out above, that name can be used by male characters to signify possession/etc).

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Happy Birthday, Ngaio Marsh, born 23 April 1895, died 18 February 1982

Seven Quotes

  1. Why do you want to become an author? I will accept only one answer. If it is because you feel you can write better than you can do anything else then go ahead and do it without frills and flourishes. Stick to your present job and write in your spare time: but do it as if it is a whole time job.
  2. You must be able to write. You must have a sense of form, of pattern, of design. You must have a respect for and a mastery over words.
  3. Please don’t entertain for a moment the utterly mistaken idea that there is no drudgery in writing. There is a great deal of drudgery in even the most inspired, the most noble, the most distinguished writing. Read what the great ones have said about their jobs; how they never sit down to their work without a sigh of distress and never get up from it witout a sigh of relief. Do you imagine that your Muse is forever flamelike — breathing the inspired word, the wonderful situation, the superb solution into your attentive ear? … Believe me, my poor boy, if you wait for inspiration in our set-up, you’ll wait for ever.
  4. We worry and fumble and rehash. At two o’clock in the morning we get marvelous ideas and at eight o’clock the following evening we recognise those ideas for the nonsense they are. We have awful sessions when nothing goes right, and brief but blissful sessions when everything seems to go well.
  5. We do not wait for inspiration. We work because we’ve jolly well got to. But when all is said and done, we toil at this particular job because it’s turned out to be our particular job, and in a weird sort of way I suppose we may be said to like it.
  6. Above all things — read. Read the great stylists who cannot be copied rather than the successful writers who must not be copied.
  7. You may be able to write a novel, you may not. You will never know until you have worked very hard indeed and written at least part of it. You will never really know until you have written the whole of it and submitted it for publication.

Marsh was a New Zealand crime writer who is best known for her creation Inspector Roderick Alleyn, a gentleman detective. She is known as one of the ‘Queens of Crime’ along with Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, and Margery Allingham.

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by Amanda Patterson for Writers Write